Thank you Masanobu

On Saturday June 20th, 2015 we were afforded a wonderful concert in Camden Maine at the St. Thomas church.  Mr Masanobu Ikemiya graciously donated his time and considerable talent for the benefit of Scottish Terrier Rescue.  A reception followed where all who attended could mingle, and speak with Masanobu and his wife Tomoko

The program included classics of Liszt (Liebestraume) and Chopin (Prelude in D-Flat major, Etudes in E minor and E major and the "Heroic" Polonaise), and a stunning collection of Ragtime:  Debussy, Lensberg, Arndt and Joplin, the latter two also arranged by Mr Ikemiya. He concluded with Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue (1924).  This early version discover by Mr. Ikemiya in his research is a robust Jazz version suited well to his enthusiastic and accomplished style.  If you goggle his name you will find facts of his biography, discography, and current activities in Maine. You can find a performance of Rhapsody in Blue on You Tube. The energy and mastery he demonstrated will be remembered by all.  

The Scottish Terrier Club of New England wishes to again thank you for your generous gift for Scottish Terrier Rescue.