Common Sense Dog Safety ideas from Charlie Stevens

Everyday bits of knowledge that every dog owner has forgotten at least once. 

We all know never to leave our Scotties in a parked car with the windows closed in the summer. Winter can be just as challenging.  If it is15 degrees outside, it won't take long to reach 15 degrees inside a parked car.

Never leave your Scottie out in the sun for long periods of time.  Provide lots of shade for your Scottie, and always provide plenty of cool, clean water to prevent dehydration, inside ad outside in your fenced yard.

Dogs can have severe allergic reactions to insect bites.  If you notice your dog acutely swollen around the muzzle, or developing hives, it is best to get him or her treated by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Inflammatory response can lead to severe illness and respiratory distress.

Charlie Stevens at a Club Grooming Seminar

Read all labels of flea and tick medication carefully. Misuse can lead to toxicity and even death.

Scotties should not ride in truck beds. They can overheat there as well.

Avoid leaving windows and doors open in your house. A determined Scottie can tear through a screen.

Keep your scottie away from mouse, ant, and roach traps or bate. 

Human medications can be lethal to small dogs   Even chocolate can be toxic, even lethal.

Fertilizer, antifreeze and pesticides can be deadly to pets. Store them safely.  Don't allow you pet to walk on a freshly fertilized lawn

Finally if your a gardner, check the toxicity of the plans in your garden: Easter lily, Azalea and amaryllis, also  Lilly-of-the valley. Foxtail (spear grass) can be a health hazard for skin, ears, eyes and nose.  

Excerpts from Scottie Tails #1 2013