We preserve and promote the breed through our activities.

  1.   Annual specialty show to encourage good breeding

  2.   Extensive rescue and placement

  3.   Educational Meetings and health clinics to promote awareness and encourage advocacy by club members  

    Join us.  Your participation, and contribution of time and talent will be rewarded by wonderful Scottish Terrier companionship.

photography provided by club members

Remembering William. See "Scottie Tails."

Where have all the Scotties gone? See Up Next.



Find out about our organization, mission, our activities.

We were founded in 1939 and have promoted and cherished the Scottish Terrier breed for  decades. 

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Up Next?

We finish each year with our annual meeting, a wonderful banquet and auction. Our schedule includes a specialty conformation dog show, companion events such as agility and 'earthdog', rescue, education, and other meet ups with our terriers.

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