Agility events

Agility is the one AKC venue where you can not only see dogs as true athletes, but also witness teamwork between the handler and dog that is unequaled in any other venue.  As a worker you get an unequalled view  of the event from inside the ring.  You will be thrilled by some of the runs, amused by others as the agility teams of dogs and handlers try to negotiate the course as fast as possible while not committing errors that cost them points.  The atmosphere is relaxed for the most part as the majority of the participants are there to have a good time. 

As a worker, you not only get the best seat in the house, you will also get free lunch, the gratitude of the judge and the participants. You will also experience  the satisfaction from knowing that you contributed to the one event that provides most of the funds necessary for the club to function.  Agility keeps us solvent, so it is important that our trials run smoothly. Entrant's satisfaction will insure return participation next year.  We will need club members to help. Any time given by club members will be appreciated.    

Please call or email me if you can come, even if only for a few hours.  All assistance is greatly appreciated and no effort is too small.   Paws 'N Effect  36 Corporate ridge road. Hamden CT.

John McNabney 860-485-9127

[This article originally posted in Scottie Tails by John McNabney ,January 2014 about the April 2014 Trials.  We currently are planning a two day event this April.  We would like to see you there. KH]