Rescue 2014 by David Caudle

David Caudle with two of his Rescued dogs

David Caudle with two of his Rescued dogs

My mother Adele is a life-long dog lover whose favorite breed is the Boxer.  Her involvement with the Second Chance Boxer Rescue organization began with  my helping Adele look up a rescue Boxer on the internet. She then got very involved in rescue doing fostering, transporting and other rescue duties for the SCBR over the years.

I had already owned two scotties and a westie.  When they passed on it was only a couple weeks before I decided to get another dog.  My mother's experience with rescue is what made me consider rescue Scotties. I contacted Barbara at the STCNE and rescued Angus and Molly, then Max and finally Robbie.   I joined the STCNE working with rescue

Age has finally caught up with Adele but when her beloved Boxer, Jack, passed away from cancer she agreed to foster a 12 year old Scottie named Morris. He is now 15, deaf and nearly blind and still a "chow hound." Best of all he helps keep my mother's love of dogs alive and makes her feel useful by helping animals.   

This is an excerpt of a longer article published in Scottie Tails, Spring 2014